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Bullet Resistant Glass

Kratos manufactures curved and flat types of bulletproof glass designed to protect from projectiles’ penetration. It is composed of several layers of different types of glass and bonded together with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. Polycarbonate (a thermoplastic) is utilized with the aim to stop the spall and the glass flexes instead of shattering upon impact.

Special attention is paid to the index of refraction when bonding glass layers, hence the final glass product provides an undistorted view. The optical clarity and product quality of Kratos – produced glass is second-to-none.

Our bulletproof glass varies in thickness from 24 mm to 75 mm, which is determined by the threat level specified. Kratos team will provide the client with the enhanced experience whilst developing the best design to meet occurring requirements.

Kratos bullet resistant glass is set to provide lightweight protection for all kinds of armored vehicles.

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Our Product

Laminated Glass

Kratos Glass manufactures laminated glass upon request, both flat and curved. It can be qualified as a kind of safety glazing material, made of 2 or more plies of glass with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) as an interlayer, which holds it together upon impact. There is no compromise on the optical clarity of laminated glass.

Laminated glass comes handy should you require security, flexibility, UV-protection and sound-resistance solutions.

Examples: car windshields, banks, police stations, shopping malls, jewelry shops, consulates, currency exchange branches, guard towers, etc.

Research & Development

Kratos glass takes pride in establishing its own Research & Development Department. It is responsible for passing extensive international tests, developing new products/glass compositions, engineer technologies to support novel projects and designs.
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Kratos glass products have been evolving along with the constantly changing needs within the defense, civil, and architecture industry.