ballistic glass

Research & Development

When Kratos Glass first opened its doors in 2015, the key focus was set to be in provision of security and defence sector throughout the world with high quality certified ballistic glass.

We guarantee the highest quality for our products and provide our diverse clients with customized solutions to meet their requirements.

Such continuous development facilitates:

lightweight (1)

Reduced weight of bullet resistant glass


Increased durability for safety glass.


Thinner glass with improved optics.

BR4 24mm - 44 MAG

BR6 40mm - 7.62 x 51mm / 5.56 x 45 SS109 / 7.62 x 39mm

BR7 75mm - 7.62 x 51mm API

STANAG LVL I - 40MM - 7.62 X 51mm

STANAG LVL II - 55mm, 7.62 X 39mm API

STANAG LVL III - 75mm - 7.62 X 54R API

STANAG LVL IV - 137mm - 14.5 X 114mm API B32