Pioneering Defense Solutions with a Diverse Range of Advanced Glass Products

Custom Laminated Glass Solutions


Kratos Glass has remained at the forefront of the defense industry, adapting its product line to cater to the evolving and diverse needs of defense applications. With an extensive array of advanced glass solutions, including flat and curved glass, laminated glass, fire-resistant glass, impact-resistant glass, and polycarbonate and waterproof glass, Kratos Glass continues to redefine the standards of safety and resilience, providing comprehensive protection in the face of complex defense challenges.

Flat and Curved Glass Solutions:

Seamless Integration in Defense Architecture: Kratos Glass’s flat and curved glass solutions seamlessly integrate with defense architecture, providing a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, reinforcing defense structures with a modern and sophisticated touch.

Customized Designs for Enhanced Security: Kratos Glass offers customized flat and curved glass solutions tailored to the specific security requirements of diverse defense applications, ensuring an optimal combination of design and safety.

Laminated Glass Innovations:

Strengthened Structural Integrity: Kratos Glass’s laminated glass solutions enhance the structural integrity of defense infrastructure, providing robust protection against various forms of impact and intrusion, safeguarding critical installations and personnel.

Customizable Solutions for Varied Needs: With a focus on customization, Kratos Glass delivers tailored laminated glass solutions catering to the unique security preferences and design specifications of different defense installations, ensuring optimal defense capabilities.

Fire-Resistant Glass Solutions:

Certified Protection for Critical Infrastructures: Kratos Glass’s fire-resistant glass solutions, classified as A30, A60, and A90, offer certified protection for critical defense infrastructures, ensuring the highest level of safety and security during fire-related emergencies.

Enhanced Durability for Challenging Environments: Designed with advanced fireproof technologies, Kratos Glass’s fire-resistant glass solutions provide enhanced durability and performance, making them highly reliable even in the most challenging defense environments.

Impact-Resistant Glass:

Uncompromising Protection Against High-Velocity Impact: Kratos Glass’s impact-resistant glass solutions provide uncompromising protection against high-velocity impacts and potential security breaches, safeguarding defense infrastructures and vehicles from external threats with exceptional reliability.

Advanced Material Technologies for Optimal Defense: Equipped with innovative material technologies, Kratos Glass’s impact-resistant glass products ensure superior protection and durability, meeting the stringent demands of modern defense applications.

Polycarbonate and Waterproof Glass:

Reinforced Protection in Harsh Environments: Kratos Glass’s polycarbonate and waterproof glass solutions are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and water infiltration, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in challenging defense settings.

Versatile Applications in Maritime Defense: Kratos Glass’s waterproof glass solutions find extensive applications in maritime defense, providing superior water resistance and durability for naval assets and vessels, effectively combating water-related risks.


Kratos Glass stands as a beacon of excellence in the defense industry, offering a comprehensive range of advanced glass solutions that cater to the diverse and complex security needs of modern defense applications. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Kratos Glass continues to set new benchmarks in fortifying defense infrastructures and vehicles, ensuring optimal safety and protection in the face of evolving security challenges.

This article highlights Kratos Glass’s contributions to the defense industry with its comprehensive range of advanced glass solutions, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence in defense glass technology.